Bongino: a heartbreaking email and Joey Jones explains Afghanistan in a nutshell


Dan Bongino read a heartbreaking email on his Fox show last night from a soldier explaining what it’s like fighting overseas for your country. This was followed by Joey Jones, who lost two legs to the fight, describing the problem in Afghanistan.

Jones said the Afghans don’t have a national identity. It’s a tribal country devoted to family. Trying to make them fight for a country they didn’t identify with was always going to fail. The administration should have shown them there were opportunities better than the Taliban, but not try to make them into a Jeffersonian democracy. Our mission was only to destroy the terror threat to the United States.

Jones doesn’t understand how Biden, who was VP for eight years, could be surprised by the Afghan security force. The politics and culture don’t allow for national identity or pride and certainly not indoctrination into an army to go and fight it out. These men have to choose between the safety of their families and a security force that might not be there tomorrow. Of course, at some point, they are going to lay down their arms. There is no reason to keep them there.

The country has two groups of people who will never unite. But we shouldn’t leave in a way that puts more Americans at risk.

Soldiers didn’t go to Afghanistan to make life better for them but we’ve allowed our politicians to lie and cheat and go from “midterm to presidential elections and change the goalpost and change the narrative and perhaps allow the generals to do it too so they can make a career and become famous, I don’t know. But all we promised was to make sure that 9/11 didn’t happen again and to make sure the Taliban and al Qaida didn’t have a place to grow and plan the next attack. And you can’t tell me that tomorrow we’re in a better place. ”

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