Bongino and Torba engage in battle over Rumble


Andrew Torba, CEO of Gab, is battling with Dan Bongino once again. Torba complained about Parler, as an “establishment Republican” platform, and Rumble. Dan Bongino has invested in both companies.

Torba’s concern about Rumble, owned by a Canadian liberal who says he supports free speech, is that they are inviting Leftists to sign up. But more importantly, he is concerned about their new terms of service.

Rumble now recognizes hate speech and Torba says there is no such thing [in law]. It looks exactly like the YouTube terms of service, he says. He thinks we are possibly being sucked into a trap to build up Rumble, making him into a behemoth who will turn on us one day.

This is the line in the Rumble terms of service he is probably referring to:

“You may not post or transmit any message which is abusive, inciting violence, harassing, harmful, hateful, anti-semitic, racist or threatening.”

Dan Bongino addressed it without mercy (go to about 17:00 on the clip), calling Torba a fraud although he will still promote his site and others. He also called him a clown, among other things.

Torba complained that a Facebook co-founder invested in Rumble. Bongino explained that one Facebook investor is Peter Thiel, a Libertarian.

Torba responded on this link.

We want both Bongino and Torba to succeed. To us, this is a disagreement that doesn’t destroy either one.

However, the hate speech clause on Rumble needs to be watched. Perhaps the CEO is just being careful and wants to stay up, but Bongino didn’t directly address that. We just remember how Facebook started out the same way. It’s not alarming yet.

We don’t try to make money on Rumble but we could lose our clips if they go to the dark side.

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Francis W. Porretto
Francis W. Porretto
2 years ago

— Torba’s concern about Rumble…is that they are inviting Leftists to sign up. —

“Any organization not explicitly right-wing will sooner or later become left-wing.” — Robert Conquest’s Second Law of Politics.

And infiltration of a supposedly neutral organization by Leftists is how it starts.

2 years ago

Peter Thiel also was involved in starting PayPal and we see how that is turning out. I have little respect for Tulsi and Greenwald. Tulsi makes it sound like she was in combat but her job was administration. So, she’s really capitalized on her service. I became aware of the Intercept (Greenwald) because of the Snowden documents. When they started publishing a host of Anti-Semitic crap I quit going to the site, and that is when Greenwald was there. Of course Greenwald is fully behind “Free Speech”, and we know why.

It is rather concerning regarding those “terms of service”. It has more to do with the country, Canada. They are most certainly not a Free Speech type of country. Look no further than Mark Steyn and what he went through. Those terms could very well be the First Step in a crackdown by that Government. Terms like that can be, and was, the first step in “political correctness”. The “safe experience”, ala Facebook, is nothing but PC run amok.

Playtime Is Over
Playtime Is Over
2 years ago

Fakebook is intel op of the Long March to world communism.
Playtime is over as the Weather Underground Government is seeding sleeper cells all over the former USA.
When the free milk and honey dries up after the controlled demolition of the economy, the replacements will take what they need by force.
Understand that is the most traitorous government in human history.
The NSDAP didn’t really turn against the everyday German until the Eastern Front turned into a disaster, the Biden/Obama/Ayers government came out of the gate with a zeal to annihilate traditional Americans.