Dead White Americans and our changing demographics


Tucker interviewed Pedro Gonzalez of Chronicles Magazine on Tucker’s show tonight. They discussed the declining population of whites in America and the joy a Washington Post reporter feels over dead white Americans.

It seems 5 million Americans have disappeared, many to death by opioids. Black Democrats in politics and the media also rejoice over the power they believe it will give them. At least one representative sees us as South Africa.

That’s racist and it will destroy the USA. We must never judge people by the color of their skin. If only we could bring back Martin Luther King Jr.




  1. The Long March is complete and there is no need to hide or play civic religion or muh democracy anymore.
    CCP drug drones drop the dope to kill those who can’t cope and the cartels deliver the rest.
    Chicago comrades Ayers and Soetoro will finish off the republic with the help of the San Francisco branch of the CPUSA.

  2. I for one never received a census form, nor did anyone knock on my door to inquire of my existence. Of the four people I have mentioned this to, say the same thing in relation to them. I’m suspicious of the numbers.

  3. Righteous Wrath is rising. Enough is enougth! Let us rid ourselves of these pestilent vermin once and for all!

  4. The indispensable components of the Long March besides enemedia and Dewey destroyed education?

    The Fabian Society and the US State Department which is the original deep state.

  5. The United States will eventually fly the Communist Red Flag…the Americans Will hoist it themselves.

    John Stormer, None Dare Call It Treason, 1964, Page 9.

  6. Look for Texas to fall to redistricting and the first black St. Louis Gauleiter Tishaura Jones is declaring war on normal aka Western Civ and YT.

  7. If we “could bring back Martin Luther King, Jr.” today’s blacks would shout him down and call him an oreo. Don’t lie to yourself, blacks don’t want to “live together” with their white ‘brothers.’

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