Bongino: How Obama Admin got the Kislyak call without a paper trail


How did Obama spy on then-NSA Michael Flynn? Dan Bongino wanted to know how he did it without leaving a paper trail. Mr. Bongino couldn’t figure it out, but then it came to him. There is a way.

The facts are that the Obama administration listened in on General Flynn’s phone calls or were getting transcripts. Permission to do that comes in three ways: from a criminal wiretap, a FISA warrant, or listening in on foreigners and if an American is caught up during that conversation, you can ask for the American to be unmasked.

Dan Bongino found a fourth way which leads right to Barack Obama.

General Flynn was charged with lying about the call with the Russian ambassador. The FBI didn’t get a criminal wiretap and there’s no documentation of any FISA warrant, and there were no unmasking requests on December 29th when the call happened. Why were there no unmasking requests until after January 4th? The FBI said they had the transcript of the call and there are zero unmasking requests. So, how?

The Epoch Times‘ Petr Svab solved the mystery of why there were no unmasking requests following Flynn’s December 29, 2016 telephone call with the Russian Ambassador, Sergey Kislyak. The call was never masked. A congressional staffer said it was never masked.


Who ordered the transcript then? How did we get it?

In his testimony before Congress, former FBI Director James Comey told lawmakers the call “turned up…at the end of December, beginning of January.”

How exactly did information about this particular call just “turn up?”

There are no unmasking requests until January 4th. How?

As McCabe described the origin of the transcripts during his testimony, he said, “They came up—we found them through an effort—without getting into too long of an explanation—in an effort to respond to a tasking from [redacted] and so the results of what we found were communicated to the Agency, who I think had the pen on that response.”

Dan asks, “Who tasked the FBI with finding that call? Who has the power to order the FBI?”


As it happens, the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch at the time, can task the FBI to find the call without a FISC warrant, a court order.

The exception to Court Order Requirement: The President may authorize electronic surveillance to acquire foreign intelligence information for periods of up to one year without a FISC court order where the Attorney General certifies that there is “no substantial likelihood that the surveillance will acquire the contents of any communication to which a U.S. person is a party,” provided the surveillance is directed solely at communications among or between foreign powers, or “the acquisition of technical intelligence…from property or premises under the open and exclusive control of a foreign power.” 50 U.S.C. § 1802.

And Loretta Lynch had the power to certify Obama to also authorize electronic surveillance.

“This is the most explosive revelation so far…If this is true,” Dan told the viewers, “and that redacted name is Loretta Lynch on the authority of Barack Obama, Holy Krikes. Abuse of surveillance power directed ordered by the President of the United States on the incoming administration to fabricate a fake narrative used to set up the new President of the United States in an obstruction of justice trap,” Bongino says.

Mr. Bongino dives deeper and comes up with a very plausible scenario.


If the government is surveilling Kislyak, how do they know who he is speaking with? They know Flynn is vacationing in the Dominican Republic so they have a target location. But how do they get Kislyak to call Flynn?

They might announce sanctions against Russians or they might expel 35 Russian diplomats and close two Russian compounds for interference in the 2016 presidential election, Bongino says.

That is what they did. On December 28th, Obama signed Executive Order #13757 which enacted sanctions on several Russians and Russian entities. On the next day, December 29, 2016, Obama announced the closing of two Russian compounds and the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats. Why did they do this after Election Day? It was always confusing.

They did it because they knew the announcement of sanctions against Russia would “absolutely guarantee” that Kislyak would call Flynn.

It allowed them to listen in on the call. This would leave no paper trail.

Dan thinks the unmasking on this call [only] is a distraction.

They kept the Flynn investigation open without any “derogatory information” but they needed something else. This call with Kislyak gave them the reason to threaten Flynn with the bogus Logan Act, an obscure Act from 1799 that is deemed unconstitutional by most scholars.


In the Statement of Offense against Flynn (excerpt below) the devious Brandon Van Grack conflates the executive order on sanctions with the White House statement on the expulsions. They were two separate actions, a day apart, and he made them into one for a reason.

The false statements by Flynn allegedly requesting Kislyak refrain from escalating the situation in response to U.S. sanctions against Russia were:

On or about January 24, 2017, FLYNN agreed to be interviewed by agents from the FBI (“January 24 voluntary interview”). During the interview, FLYNN falsely stated that he did not ask Russia’s Ambassador to the United States (“Russian Ambassador”) to refrain from escalating the situation in response to sanctions that the United States had imposed against Russia. FLYNN also falsely stated that he did not remember a follow-up conversation in which the Russian Ambassador stated that Russia had chosen to moderate its response to those sanctions as a result of FLYNN’s request. In truth and in fact, however, FLYNN then and there knew that the following had occurred:

        1. On or about December 28, 2016, then-President Barack Obama signed Executive Order 13757, which was to take effect the following day. The executive order announced sanctions against Russia in response to that government’s actions intended to interfere with the 2016 presidential election (“U.S. Sanctions”).

As we all know, the original 302 is at large. It has either been destroyed or is being closely guarded by the FBI. (17 days after the interview, FBI agent Peter Strzok and girlfriend, FBI lawyer Lisa Page are captured texting back and forth about edits they’re making to the original report.) The edited version of the FBI’s 302 can be seen on the left-wing lawfare blog.

On pages 4 and 5, the report indicates that Flynn told Strzok and Pientka he had discussed the expulsions and the closures with Kislyak, but that Kislyak had not asked about the sanctions.

There is NO MENTION of the sanctions in the edited version of the 302. Flynn told FBI agents he had discussed the expulsions with Kislyak. Flynn had NOT BEEN ASKED about the sanctions.


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3 years ago

Did the Obama administration collude with Russia on this?
Perhaps they got a transcript from Russia, or else they had a plan to get Trump out of the White House and shared it with the Russians.
The Russians would have been happy to have helped with the coup.
If it worked, the Obama administration would have “owed” the Russians.
I really don’t know, but if there is no paper record of unmasking, then there is the possibility that Obama through Lynch personally authorized the unmasking or the recording of the phone call, or they might have obtained a recording directly from the Russians, since the Russians would have it from their end of the phone call.
Apparently, there was some kind of Russian dysinformation in the dossier, so there may have been a source for the Russians to feed information to the FBI.
Flynn was apparently in the Dominican Republic or out of the country on vacation when the phone call was made.
Perhaps the NSA would have it.
Then there’s the issue of the missing 302, which Trump has brought up. Probably there was something, since Strzok and Page edited it, or edited something.
Likely the editing was to incriminate Flynn.
Judge Sullivan is going to prosecute Flynn on the basis of the edited 302. despite the Justice Dept. pulling out of the prosecution.

Harmonica Virgins
Harmonica Virgins
3 years ago

Pen and phone, weaponized alphabet soup agencies and a worthless Teen Vogue press corps of partisan hacks.
No need for an Enabling Act when you have Fundamental Transformation into Chicago nationwide.
The Chicago model will also be used nationwide to make sure no republican is ever elected again.

3 years ago

Other missing point of the whole affair: so the President of the United States obama and his crew meet after a holiday week on Jan.5th 2017 first thing Monday morning. And do they do work for the American people? No. They plan a coup using criminal actions. Sooooooo disgraceful, sad also.

3 years ago

Just who is “[redacted]” and why is his name not released in those FINALLY available documents? Dare I suspect that his name has five letters and starts with an “o”?

3 years ago
Reply to  huapakechi

five letters under that redaction: POTUS