Book claims Joe Biden lied about his adulterous affair with Jill & campaign bribery


Jill Biden’s ex-husband Bill Stevenson has completed an autobiographical book manuscript to be published before November’s election. He devotes 80 pages of the book to new bombshell details about Joe and Jill Biden, National File reported.

Stevenson, a millionaire businessman, says Joe and Jill began their romance while Jill was still married to Stevenson. Their affair ended Stevenson’s marriage to Jill.

Jill knew Joe Biden for years before she claimed they met. She and her husband helped Biden with his 1972 campaign.


Stevenson also talks of a bribery scheme in which Joe’s brother Frank took $3,000 from Stevenson ahead of Biden’s first Senate race to give to the boss of the Teamsters. The purpose was to ensure that copies of the Wilmington News Journal – that endorsed Biden’s Republican incumbent opponent – were delivered three days late — after the polls closed.

Shortly after the election, Biden’s first wife Neilia died in a car crash that killed their baby girl and seriously injured their two sons. For years, Biden blamed the driver of the truck that hit her, claiming he “drank his lunch.” That was not true. There was no evidence of drinking. In fact, the driver of the truck, Curtis C. Dunn swerved to avoid her after she drove into the intersection illegally. He overturned his truck to avoid her.

Stevenson did not talk about the accident during his interview with the National File.


According to the Bidens’ official story, Joe first noticed Jill as a model in an advertisement and had his brother Frank fix him up on a blind date with her in March 1975, after Jill had already separated from Stevenson.

In 1977, The Morning News in Wilmington, Delaware quoted Joe Biden as saying of his relationship with Jill, “It’ll be three years come March.” Thus, Joe Biden was claiming that the pair met in March 1975, as has been widely reported. Joe said, “My two brothers and sister were sitting around the house with me, all of them waiting to go out on a triple date. I said I’d like to go, but I didn’t know who to ask. Frank popped up that he knew this girl he had met at the university, so why didn’t I call her?” The Morning News reported that “And Jill Tracy was amenable to a blind date, which was to consist of a snack and a movie in Chadds Ford and Concordville, Pa, respectively.”

The story goes on but Stevenson said it’s a fabrication and Jill and Joe started their affair in 1974. National File’s sources confirmed that.


The illicit lovers would often rendezvous at a Limestone Road Route 7 gas station called Midway Gulf, according to a former Midway employee.

Bill Stevenson, who owned The Stone Balloon Tavern and Concert Hall, bought his wife Jill a brown Corvette as a gift. In 1974, an accident occurred when Joe Biden, who was driving the Corvette with Jill inside, backed into another motorists’ vehicle. Joe Biden initially promised to cover the cost of the accident but Bill Stevenson ended up paying the $650 bill.

When Stevenson confronted wife Jill about being in the car with Biden, Jill’s answer was not satisfactory to Stevenson. Stevenson said that he could not live with Jill anymore so he asked her to leave the house and they later divorced. Stevenson felt that the betrayal by Joe Biden was even worse than the betrayal by his wife, considering Stevenson’s close friendship with Biden and his financial contributions to the upstart politician.


In their divorce, Jill tried to get half of Stevenson’s assets but the judge ruled in favor of Stevenson.

Shortly thereafter, Joe Biden’s brother Frank Biden approached Stevenson and suggested that he get out of town because he was now a liability to Joe Biden’s political career.

National File will continue to add more details and has more on the link.

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