Boosters Forever! NBA Players Might Get Boosters Every 2-6 Months


The NBA has reportedly urged players to get Covid-19 booster shots. They can only be considered fully vaccinated if they get the booster shots.

The NBA told the players the new rules on Sunday, according to AP, and stressed that those who initially received the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine are most in need of a booster shot because it loses efficacy in a couple of months.

The league called on players, coaches, and referees who received the vaccine more than two months ago to roll up their sleeves for a booster of a different vaccine, namely Pfizer’s or Moderna’s.

The Wall Street Journal report we put up earlier showed Pfizer and Moderna wane by half in six months.

Those who were vaccinated with either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine were told that they will need a booster shot six months after the initial vaccination.

Depending on which vaccine a player was originally given and when that vaccination took place, some players may already face repercussions for refusing a booster dose every two or six months.

The NBA is only the first. If you obey the government, you will get vaccines every two to six months for a vaccine the scientists don’t know that much about.

Sports journalist Jason Whitlock protested that the news wasjust the tip.”

Inner Sports founder Garret Kramer wrote, On what planet do we continue to mandate drugs for people who are not sick? Say NO.”

Clay Travis told the sheep to wake up.

The NBA already has draconian Covid-19 policies for its players, which include unvaccinated players not being able to eat with vaccinated players. Unvaccinated NBA players are also required to socially distance themselves from vaccinated players and must wear face masks.

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