Biden’s Green New Deal $$$ All Go to the CCP


China emits almost twice the emissions as we do but they are not going to change course. They are our most dangerous competitors and they plan to lead. They see this century as their century and their rightful place, says Professor Graham Allison at Harvard.

The global competitiveness between the two powers will impact everyone and it is a threat to US dominance and even the world. We are both nuclear powers. At the same time, Biden is selling the US out quickly and aiding the CCP in our downfall.

Bill O’Reilly discussed the Kennedy School Professor Dr. Graham on his podcast today, saying that the professor reported the following in an article on the Boston Globe.

“The brute fact is that China is the world’s leading manufacturer, exporter, and user of every green technology. While America led the way in developing green energy technologies over the past few decades, China became the major producer of these technologies and products. It is the leading global supplier of electric vehicles with a 40% market share, 40% in wind turbines, and 35% in green hydrogen. From producing less than 1% of solar panels in 2000, China now supplies 80% of solar panels globally. By comparison, Americans – America’s share of solar panels was, has fallen from 30% in 2000, to less than 1% today.”

All of this Green New Deal money goes to China and puts them in first place and the US in last.

O’Reilly said, “They’re making the solar panels and wind turbines and electric cars, 40%. It’s all going over there, our enemy. Our biggest enemy, prospering from Biden’s craziness in funding Green New Deal stuff.”

True. He is selling us out and he’s doing quickly and under the radar.  Half of the nation has gone mad and are distracted by WOKE nonsense and fake racism.

O’Reilly will have the Professor on his show next week.

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