Border Chief Owens: The Border Is a “National Security Threat”


On Sunday, Border Chief Jason Owens stated the obvious during a CBS interview: the border is a “national security threat.”

At least 140,000 sneaked in through the border surreptitiously over the past five months, and they are the ones who keep him up at night.

Owens said Border Patrol is “closing in” on recording one million apprehensions of migrants in between ports of entry along the U.S.-Mexico border in the 2024 fiscal year, which started in October.

“That number is a large number, but what’s keeping me up at night is the 140,000 known got-aways,” Owens said.

“Why are they risking their lives and crossing in areas where we can’t get to?” Owens asked. “Why are they hiding? What do they have to hide? What are they bringing in? What is their intent? Where are they coming from? We simply don’t know the answers to those questions. Those things for us are what represent the threat to our communities.”

The situation, Owens added, amounts to “a national security threat.”

“Border security is a big piece of national security,” he said. “And if we don’t know who is coming into our country, and we don’t know what their intent is, that is a threat and they’re exploiting a vulnerability that’s on our border right now.”

Most Are “Good People”

Still, Owens said that the vast majority of migrants coming to the U.S. border are “good people.”

“I think the migrants that we encounter, that are turning themselves in, yes, I think they absolutely are, by and large, good people,” Owens said. “I wish they would choose the right way to come into our country and not start off on the wrong foot by breaking our laws.”

While a “very small amount” of those apprehended at the southern border are serious criminals, such as convicted gang members or sexual offenders.

I don’t know how he can know that.

Eleven people blew up the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and another plane was headed for the Capitol or the White House.

He didn’t mention the millions of military-age men or the young Chinese men who are coming through. Russians and Iranians are also coming.

Nor did he mention that illegal immigration is enriching the cartels and their sex trafficking and drug business.

Third World America.

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