Border Czarina Harris bursts out laughing over ‘slavery’ incident by BP on horses


In case you missed Friday’s performance of The View, two vaccinated hosts were pulled off the air, quite dramatically, allegedly for testing positive for COV. Hosts Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro had to step offstage before Border Czarina Kamala Harris came on.

Lots of drama and hyperbolic language from Democrats over COV.

Harris, of course, was horrified by the [fake, manufactured] tale of Haitians abused by Border Patrol on horseback. Naturally, she said it’s because Haitians are black. And, she added, the Border Patrol on horses must pay.

There is an investigation but this administration has already prejudged it and let their bureaucrats know the verdict should be ‘guilty.’

Texas Governor Abbott will hire anyone they fire. God Bless Texas and Governor Abbott because these men are 100% innocent.

Kamala, a descendent of slaveholders, said, it was “horrible” and she’s “outraged.”

The Czarina said, “Human beings should not be treated that way. And as we all know, it also evoked images of some of the worst moments of our history. Where that kind of behavior has been used against the indigenous people of our country, has been used against African Americans in times of slavery.”

At 57 seconds, the Czarina can’t control her laughter as she begins to say “the indigenous people…”

Maybe she’s uncomfortable because she’s telling a ridiculous lie?

There’s something wrong with her.


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May The Farce Be With You
May The Farce Be With You
2 years ago

Speaking of fake, did the View comrades get a saline injection?
Everything is fake in the Chiquitastan laughingstock of the world.
The Kamal will be the perfect face for the farce.

2 years ago

Traitor Barry was a failure and probably set back Black Men in National Politics for 50 years. Traitor Joe is a complete failure and will set back career politicians as President hopefully forever. Heels Up Harris will set back Woman for the Presidency for probably 100 years. Elections do have consequences and it’s possible that the Communist Democrats have destroyed the Democrat Party. The Communist are out in the open and America will never be a Communist Country. We will throw the Big Blue States out first. Communist are Dangerous and have proven that when they don’t get their way they will resort to Terrorism and Stealing Elections. We know the Communist are now hiding in our Public Schools and Most Universities. They are easy to find.