Border Patrol Council President describes border conditions


Greg Kelly spoke with Brandon Judd, the President of the Border Patrol Council. He explained that the borders are completely open with the vast majority that come through gettining released.

The political appointees are all open borders activists.

There are no resources for the Border Patrol. Despite what Joe Biden is saying about surging help in the form of judges and more agents, it’s not true. He has not sent judges or added agents. Biden’s taking agents off the north border, de-stabilizing that border. If terrorists come into the US, it’s usually through the northern border.


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Just Say No To Nimrod Worship
Just Say No To Nimrod Worship
1 year ago

Undoing everything Trump did out of TDS spite even if it was good policy for America.
So a percentage of the population afflicted with severe chronic TDS will run the republic into the ground just to virtue signal the echo chamber, orange man bad, how sad.

1 year ago

Whenever a State finds an Illegal Alien, put them on a bus to Washington, DC and drop them off at the Gates of the Capitol. For the Federal Government to deal with the problems they create.