Boston Public Schools selects kids for prestigious schools by zip codes


This past October 21, Michael Loconto, chair of the Boston School Committee, led a meeting of city’s school officials when he got caught in a hot mic moment, mocking the names of Asian American parents waiting to challenge a controversial vote to eliminate the merit-based test to the city’s “exam schools” and impose a new quota admissions plan based on zip codes. The change would target the number of Asian American and white students at the schools, and school policymakers voted that night to make the change, despite the culture of bigotry in which the vote was cast.

~ Asra Q. Nomani

Boston Public Schools is exchanging the meritocracy for zip codes when selecting students for three competitive public schools. This is the same school system that just ended advanced classes because there were too many Asian and white students in them.

Fourteen Boston parents — eight Asian-American (Chinese and Indian) and six white — sued the public school system for alleged discrimination against Asians and whites in the admissions process into three prestigious public schools.

The Boston Parent Coalition alleges that new plan to allocate spots according to zip codes is intended “to disfavor certain racial and ethnic groups (Asian and White applicants) while favoring others (Latino and African-American applicants) to increase black and Latino student enrollment”

The admissions plan for this fall awards ONLY 20 percent of seats in the three schools based exclusively on grades. The remaining 80 percent of seats are awarded based on grades and ZIP codes. The largest number will go to the neighborhood with the greatest proportion of the city’s school-age children.

Boston Public Schools is racist and is favoring one or two races over others.


They will look at grades at least.

Under this plan, the lawsuit says, the defendants are “subordinating the longstanding merit-based citywide competition to a newly-created, and wholly-irrational quota system based on zip codes, which have never been a unit of educational qualification, and which are being purposefully used here as a proxy for race and ethnicity.”

The lawsuit was brought on behalf of 14 sixth-grade students of Chinese, Indian, and white ancestry who have applied to one or more of the exam schools and their parents, who are members of the organization, according to the filings.

Instead of working harder to improve the skills of the weak students in certain zip codes, the lazy, stupid educators will just put them in programs they can’t do. Teachers will have to lower the standards. The long-term effects are grim.

Accomplished Asians and whites will be diminished after working very hard to get ahead. Incompetence will be rewarded. All must have the same result — disparate outcomes — in our new Marxist public schools. The hard-left has ruined college and now they’ve moved into K-12.

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2 years ago

Why is this a surprise. The democrat party has always used race to implement their racists policies meant to keep minorities in their place.

Not Sure
Not Sure
2 years ago

Locally the best K-6 school had busing from the other side of town that lasted up to the 1990’s.
Thankfully I lived within walking distance and didn’t care for the bus.
Now all the middle schools from the 1980’s are elementary and our old high schools are junior highs due to all the fundamental transformation.
Most of the K-6 schools stayed the same and there at about half a dozen within 20 mile radius.
One town nearby has no bus service and students walk home for lunch then return but that is more of a nod to tradition and that town has a large Catholic school as well.
Some are what the locals call Taj Mahal as they are brand new college campus style and the taxes for people living around them are very high.
The private religious schools are the best and there are some parents who bring their children over from surrounding counties just to attend.

The Searchers
The Searchers
2 years ago

China has the best merit based educational system in the world. It goes back to Gaokao, or the exam the Chinese take to advance into the administrative or government class, the merit based exam system that has been going on for two thousand years.
Certainly, during the “Cultural Revolution”, the entire school and educational system was shut down for a generation, but that was a Maoist based internal revolution which finally ended when the Chinese came to the realization it was not productive and resumed a mixed system of capitalism, merit based advancement and communism.
I’m just saying the Chinese are pragmatic, and understand merit means something.
I don’t know the internal workings of the Communist Party system, but with reference to education, the students work hard, and understand the linkage between work, merit, and achievement.
The American school system is in process of rejecting merit based education, and is replacing it with zip code based. Certainly children and young people should have the best possible education. I don’t know how the educational process will function in the schools with admissions based on zip code rather than admissions based.
Likely there will be some change in the educational approach, and it would be good if the school board and school administration as well as the teachers explain and describe how the revised school educational program will function.
Actually, I’m all for it, since the Boston educational establishment has been elitist if anything, with reference to higher education, such as MIT and Harvard, however I doubt their admissions will change much if any at all.
If there was a real likelihood of the zip code based admissions to these institutions, or even outreach of the higher education establishment in the Boston area to collaborate with or reach out to the primary and secondary education establishment based on zip codes in the Boston area with the most serious educational achievement limitations, I would be much more optimistic about the coming changes resulting in better educational achievement.

darla martin
darla martin
2 years ago

thank the good lord that I’ve never been subjected to a school system which actively tried to stifle my or my children’s education. and wonder why people would even live in those areas of the country that allowed that bigotry.

Don't Shake Hands With the Devil
Don't Shake Hands With the Devil
2 years ago

Almost as clueless as the CA school board prattling on about the parents smoking choom and missing their babysitters.
My favorite was the Chiraq comrade teachers collective pic with the F your kids, I’m a teecher and I deserve a Mercedes, even if it was a photochop.
Maybe the CHI metro school yearbook with the student doing an OK hand signal will be valuable one day but not as expensive as the $55,000 reprint to remove the photo.
This is are story (St. Louis yearbook misprint), we are poor downtrodden union comrades, now pay up as we do nothing to earn it.
Thankfully we had high quality teachers in Red State at all levels.
I remember almost all of them and some were way ahead of the curve regarding certain peaceful religions and the long march to burn it all down.