Boston takes down statue of Lincoln because “several” found it “uncomfortable”


Boston removed a statue of Abraham Lincoln and a freed slave as part of the new movement to destroy American history and its heroes. The statue is modeled after the Freedman Statue in Lincoln Park. Thomas Ball sculpted the piece in DC after submitting his marble prototype. Former slaves paid for it and it was dedicated in 1876.

According to the National Park Service, the monument was paid for solely by former slaves. This monument was erected by the Western Sanitary Commission of Saint Louis Mo:

With funds contributed solely by emancipated citizens of the United States declared free by his proclamation January 1 A.D. 1863. The first contribution of five dollars was made by Charlotte Scott. A freedwoman of Virginia being her first earnings in freedom and consecrated by her suggestion and request on the day she heard of President Lincoln’s death to build a monument to his memory.

Now we have the Boston officials taking it down in their city. In their ignorance, they only see a slave kneeling before Lincoln. No official would bother to become educated or educate the complainants.

Several complaints were made regarding its design which mayor Marty Walsh said made the public “uncomfortable.”

So, they get several complaints of feeling “uncomfortable” and that’s it? That’s all it takes to remove history?

Frederick Douglass spoke as the keynote speaker at the dedication service of the statue in D.C. on April 14, 1876, with President Ulysses S. Grant in attendance.

The slave at Lincoln’s feet wears a broken chain, and he is looking up to Mr. Lincoln, not down.  Lincoln is holding a copy of the Emancipation Proclamation in his right hand.

The statue signifies the end of what was horrendous abuse. It shows the terrible subjugation and it should.

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