Boy Who Mouthed “Fake News” Behind CNN Was Kellyanne’s Son


CNN reporter Jim Acosta  has become the face of the “fake news” network since a January presser when he rudely interrupted and Trump responded calling his network fake news.

“Your organization is terrible,” Trump said to Acosta in January, following up later with a hearty, and now legendary, “You are fake news!”

So on Monday when Acosta found himself being photobombed by a young boy, it was especially funny.

Acosta was reporting live during the annual White House Easter Egg Roll when a kid in a green shirt appears on the bottom left hand of the screen right behind Acosta’s right arm, cupping his hands and mouthing what looks like “fake news” to the cameras.

The boy turned out to be Kellyanne Conway’s son. Way to go kid!

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6 years ago

Watching the little guy really made my day. While Kellyanne Conway’s son gets more than others, the kids do get it.

When channel surfing, my grandson says and sometimes shouts it out, “fake news” each time he skirts by CNN but he didn’t get that from me. He said that all of his friends at school say that CNN is fake news and when I asked him if he says “fake news” in front of his mother, he told me, “Yes but mommy just rolls her eyes and says that she is not paying me any attention.”

As far as Josiah’s classmates, I wonder if their Democratic (Communist) parents know that they’re children have picked up the “fake news.”

In other words, the Progressive propaganda machine is fooling no one.

6 years ago

so funny but most likely truthful too