BP told to move families out if Del Rio camp grows to 18K, it’s too dangerous


Latinos for Trump leader Bianca Gracia joined Steve Bannon in The War Room on Saturday morning. She dropped several bombshells.

Ms. Garcia said the Mayor of Del Rio, now inundated with tens of thousands of anonymous illegal aliens, closed the border on his own because it was such a disaster. Then the government opened it. Then Mexico closed the border.

In Del Rio, if you’re COV-positive, they put a mark on your door but they are ignoring the COV-positive illegal aliens.

It’s insane, said Ms. Garcia. She also pointed out that the US allowed the Chinese communists to buy land in that same sector.

She said something even more deeply troubling. US Border Patrol agents are being told to move their families as the “Bidenville” illegal alien camp continues to swell. According to the agents, when the camp exceeds 18,000 it will be too dangerous in the area for their families.

Watch the clip from Gateway Pundit:

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