Brad Pitt must stay in the lawsuit for his climate-unfriendly money pit homes


Brad Pitt at the Oscars insulting the U.S. Senators

Climate change bloviator and actor Brad Pitt, along with several directors, can’t get out of a lawsuit against their foundation, ‘Make It Right.’ The class-action lawsuit charges shoddy construction.

Pitt meant well, but he should have paid more attention since his name is attached to it.

He helped guide the building and lent his name to a home building project in the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Pitt was one of the Hollywood stars who bashed and blamed then-President Bush.

Civil District Court Judge Rachael Johnson let one employee out of the suit but not Pitt and the directors.


Pitt had established an ecological avant-garde neighborhood that was destroyed by the 2005 flood. His foundation built 109 architecturally experimental, affordable homes. They are solar-powered, highly insulated and purportedly storm-safe structures that were meant to demonstrate how more thoughtful design could mitigate some of the threat from storms as well as other issues. The homes were sold on a sliding scale.

By 2015, as most construction concluded, the project had cost almost $27 million. Complaints about the construction and materials used in the homes began to emerge.

In September 2018, homeowners Jennifer Decuir and Lloyd Francis sued ‘Make It Right’ for what they alleged was deficient construction that caused mold, poor air quality, structural failures, electrical malfunctions, plumbing mishaps, rotting wood and faulty heating, ventilation, and cooling.

There are gas leaks, mushrooms in the walls, electrical fires, and some houses are caving in.

So much for their thoughtful, climate change masterpiece.

The Pitt homes are actually rotting and collapsing, according to Business Insider. The foundation, which now faces a federal lawsuit, reportedly hasn’t filed a tax form or built a home in years. Its website appears to be defunct. All the while, Pitt has remained silent, other than to reiterate his plan to help the Lower 9th rebuild.

The homes cost a lot of money, and, considering the cost to build them badly, they should look much better.

The ‘Make It Right’ foundation must think there is some guilt involved. They sued the principal architect, John C. Williams, accusing him of defective design. The architect is shocked they went after him.

It will cost about $20 million to fix the problems.

The judge believes Pitt must stay in the lawsuit to let it all flesh out.

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3 years ago

It is apparent these lib-coms know little to nothing about construction, be it building homes or a political platform. It starts with building on solid ground. with a strong footing, solid foundation and quality material for walls, beams and floors. hire dependable people. Cheap and shoddy will cost a lot more if you don’t. The foundation will crack, the floors will shift, walls will buckle and the roof will cave in. And there you have the DNC, Decaying Nonviable Corrupted party platform as well as the making for faulty structures. Stick to what you know Brad; Existing in your deluded tin-cell world of make-believe, instead of espousing bovine excrement and building in the Pitt’s..

Doorag vs. Mandana
Doorag vs. Mandana
3 years ago

It looks half assed and half baked. That mean ol’ W. Bush and his hurricane driving machine.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

The self-righteous seem to always forget they have skeletons in their closet that contradicts their oratory condemnation of other people.