Brandon Straka of #Walkaway movement federally charged, arrested in Omaha


Brandon Straka of the “Walk Away” campaign has been named in a criminal complaint concerning his alleged role in the storming of the Capitol.

This is alarming. It seems like retribution and an effort to silence an activist. I don’t feel safer with him arrested and off the streets. Meanwhile, Antifa and Black Lives Matter have done much worse without suffering repercussions. There is a two-tiered system of justice.

It’s not clear if he entered the Capitol building but he definitely stood on the steps. He doesn’t appear to have gone in. When a door was opened, he allegedly yelled to the crowd, “Go, go.” It’s not clear if that was a door opened by the police.

At another point in time, he allegedly told the mob to take an officer’s shield, which they did. He also gave a rallying speech mentioning revolution at the Stop the Steal event. That is called free speech. Antifa and BLM constantly call for a revolution for real to turn over the government.

Straka didn’t go into the building in all likelihood, didn’t hurt anyone or damage anything. This feels like the State going after its political enemies.

A YouTube video and his posts were used to charge him. He was arrested in Omaha on Monday.

By the way, where is Hunter? He’s not in prison despite a lot of alleged crimes on his computer.

Straka – Complaint Affidavit 0 on Scribd

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