Brazen Democrats Threaten President Trump, Media Call for Revolution


Democrat leaders threatened President Trump Friday. If he tries to fire anyone, they will destroy him. They want him to know that. Media outlets are also threatening or condemning the President and Republicans because they have been exposed.

The FISA abuse memo is devastating and this is only the beginning. We are in the midst of a constitutional crisis. Yet, Democrats and never Trumpers say it’s falling flat. Don’t accept that. Read it for yourself.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has referred the issue to an investigative team. Why didn’t that happen sooner? This was information which came from the DoJ. The memo is based on their intelligence.


In response to corruption and what can only be described as a constitutional crisis, the Senate Democrats sent a letter to the President threatening the President should he try to fire Robert Mueller or RoD Rosenstein. Mind you, Rosenstein approved three FISA warrants based on a fake dossier without informing the FISC. The Schumer-dominated group wrote in their letter:

“We write to inform you that we would consider such an unwarranted action as an attempt to obstruct justice in the Russia investigation. Firing Rod Rosenstein, [Department of Justice] Leadership, or Bob Mueller could result in a constitutional crisis of the kind not seen since the Saturday Night Massacre.”

Hate-filled Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi signed the letter.


Donny Deutsch lied on MSNBC. After reading the tweet by Trump-hating John McCain, he completely turned the truth around.

He wants to take to the streets. Deustch wants a revolution against those who exposed the corruption in the securing of FISA warrants.

The liars are out in full force. CNN’s Phil Mudd said the FISA memo is “going to die like a lead ballon. The Democrats were just given a gift.”

Really, how do you figure Mudd?

Democrats do have a gift — a corrupt media. A country can’t survive a corrupt media and that’s where we are.

CNN’s Raj said, “It’s pretty much of a dud”. Jeffrey Toobin on the same station said, “It’s a “disgrace”, “embarrassment”, and “pretty much a dud.” It’s what he wants you to believe.

Chris Wallace, a mostly left-leaning TV host, said “I wouldn’t say it’s worse than Watergate.”

Really Chris?

This is the reality. A Democrat candidate funded a fake dossier put together by the Kremlin and a foreigner – a Trump hating Brit. They influenced our election. That dossier was used to obtain warrants to spy and the deputy AG, Rod Rosenstein approved it three of the four times. He did not bother to tell the FISA court where it came from and how it was funded.

No one has a problem with that?
Rick Wilson on MSNBC  said, “People are laughing at Devin Nunes like he is Tommy Wiseau.” Really? Who and why? Shep Smith called it a “Russian document”. Never Trumper Stephen Hayes said it just “isn’t there”.

>The hatred for Trump is such that people have become irrational.

I urge people to read it and decide for themselves.

Sara Carter, Dan Bongino and buck Sexton react in this clip from the ‘Hannity’ radio show.

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