Breaking! Admin Colludes with UN, Flies Migrants to US as Refugees


The Biden Regime is now granting asylum to illegal immigrants in South America and flying them by plane into the United States to arrive “as refugees who have already met the requirements and will be legally allowed to live and work in the U.S.,” according to the Associated Press.

Refugees can become citizens in five years, but they’re not refugees. The government is giving them refugee status in Central and South America and then flying them in, keeping the numbers down at the border.

When these people come in, they are qualified as legal refugees, and out of gratitude, they will vote for Democrats, giving Democrats one-party rule.

Isn’t flying them into the country illegal? If this isn’t treason, what is? It’s evil. They don’t care about the abuse, rapes, deaths, sex trafficking, drugs — they don’t care. The UN has taken over the US borders. They are our enemies. Democrats want this.

The UN, NGOs, and Cartels Collude with Democrats to Turn the US to the Hard Left

Bergquam shared a photo of a group he discovered on Tuesday night showing “over 50 men from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, and Nepal, all being smuggled in the middle of the night.”

“Hold the United Nations, the NGOs, the Cartels, and the Democrats accountable! #JoeBidenDidThis,” Bergquam said in a caption on X:

Military Men Are Coming

Ben Bergquam is reporting at the Darien Gap. He said: The following is just one of the groups in the jungle right now. They split up into smaller groups, and they camp in different locations. So, imagine this in 100 different locations throughout the jungle right now. So, when the sun comes up, they get back in line, and they start making their way to their next overnight spot, all guided by the cartels.

Circumventing the Law Is What Democrats Do

“We just made it out of the Darien Gap for a historic fourth time, more than any other media has done as far as I know,” Bergquam said. “So much to tell you guys, but I want to start with some breaking news I received from @BensmanTodd just before leaving that ties to what we saw in the Darien.

“Apparently, the State Department, led by Secretary Blinken, is now in business with the United Nations, OIM, to convert illegal alien and economic migrants into refugees prior to their arriving at our southern border,” Bergquam said, “so that they can simply fly them in under the radar without you knowing about it. They aren’t trying to fix the problem. They are intentionally making it worse! This is treason! #MobilityCenters #WelcomeCenter

They don’t care what they do to these people.

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