Breaking…Georgia Governor responds to calls for a special session


Georgia Governor Brian Kemp rejected President Donald Trump’s request to call a special session of the Georgia State Legislature, according to Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan.

Duncan said that Kemp, a Republican, “is not going to call us into a special session … We’re certainly not going to move the goalposts at this point in the election. We are going to continue to follow the letter of the law,” according to his interview with CNN on Sunday.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger told ABC News that he does not “believe that there’s the will in the general assembly for a special session.’’

There’s no will??? These Democrats want to create a one-party socialist state and everything hinges on Georgia.

Raffensberger also added that he had found no evidence of fraud that would overturn the election after several weeks.

The entire process was corrupt. Truth is that he doesn’t want to mess with Stacey Abrams and her crowd.

Governor Kemp’s office released the following statement Sunday evening:

Today, Governor Brian P. Kemp and Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan issued the following joint statement regarding a call from four Georgia State Senators for a special session of the Georgia General Assembly.

“While we understand four members of the Georgia Senate are requesting the convening of a special session of the General Assembly, doing this in order to select a separate slate of presidential electors is not an option that is allowed under state or federal law.

The January 5th election will go the same way the presidential went if nothing is done about this corrupt process of mail-in balloting, ballot harvesting, and early voting with endless counting.

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