Brennan lied shamelessly on air and Chris Wallace smiled it away


John Brennan is lying again and Fox News, the new CNN, backed him up. John Brennan has damaged the CIA and politicized the intelligence community against a U.S. president. Brennan lied continually about the Steele dossier for years, and he is doing it again, only this time on Fox News.

The dossier was the basis for the Trump-Russian collusion hoax. It was their only evidence. Brennan knows that, and Wallace knows that.

Chris Wallace, Fox News’ most esteemed reporter, let him lie unimpeded on Fox News Sunday today. Wallace’s questions were unenlightened at best.

No spying on the Trump campaign? Seriously? Who would believe this known liar? How stupid do they think we are?

The dossier was very much a part of the ICA. Brennan lied, and there was no pushback from Wallace. What a disgrace.

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