Breaking…GoFundMe Takes Down Freedom Convoy 2022 But They’re on GiveSendGo Now


GoFundMe has taken down the donation page for the Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022. They claim the truckers violated their terms of service and are involved in unlawful activity. The “peaceful demonstration has become an occupation” now, according to GoFundMe.

“Following a review of relevant facts … this fundraiser is now in violation of … Term 8, which prohibits the promotion of violence and harassment…”

Donations will be offered back to the donors. The truckers raised over 10 million dollars and only 1 million was released. No further funds will be released.

If you donated, get your refund by filling out the form on this link.

Donors have to request the funds back and they should so GoFundMe can’t keep their cut.

GiveSendGo has agreed to host the donation page for the convoy, but it keeps disappearing from their site. A bad Gateway message comes up instead. It’s simply because so many people are trying to get on at once. Keep trying and it will come up but it’s slow.

GoFundMe does whatever leftists want.

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