Breaking…Judge Ends Masks & Other Mandates in MO for Good


Missouri judge ruled that local health officials can no longer issue COVID-19 safety orders. He said the orders infringe upon the constitutional separation of powers between branches of government, reported the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The ruling from Cole County Circuit Court Judge Daniel Green means local health regulations throughout Missouri are struck down and rendered obsolete, reported the Post-Dispatch.

“This case is about whether Missouri’s Department of Health and Senior Services regulations can abolish representative government in the creation of public health laws, and whether it can authorize closure of a school or assembly based on the unfettered opinion of an unelected official. This court finds it cannot,” said Green, according to the Post-Dispatch.

“Missouri’s local health authorities have grown accustomed to issuing edicts and coercing compliance. It is far past time for this unconstitutional conduct to stop,” added Green, a Republican who was first elected as county judge in 2010.

This comes as the result of a 2020 lawsuit by a group including Ben Brown who is running for state Senate in Missouri.

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11 months ago

What an idiotic statement. Go watch more CNN.

Toni Eleninovski
1 year ago

That is a relief. Fortunately, many groups, business directories and ethical social networks like have filled the vacuum for the unvaxxed who need a voice.

1 year ago

And more importantly our constitution gave us the 2nd amendment to stop them if a few tyrants somehow get into positions of power and overstep that authority

1 year ago

Many misguided people will die from Green’s decision, at least until it is overturned by a higher court.

1 year ago
Reply to  SkippingDog

The statistics show that the areas with the highest percent of vaxxed had the highest rates of new cases. When folks come to realize the vaccines are a scam along with the kung flu, the circus will end.
CDC stats show that a very small percentage die from the C19, if at all, and most die due to weakened systems due to other pre-existing health problems.

1 year ago

The reasoning behind the court verdict was the mandates bypass the separation of powers clause, that a single person or government entity can’t both make the law and then enforce it.
There still may be mandates, but they need to respect the separation of powers, which is the basis of the Constitution.