Breaking: Massive FBI Abuse of FISA, 278K Warrantless Searches on Americans


Breaking News: Massive FBI abuse of FISA was uncovered in a court filing. The FBI used FISA warrantless searches 278,000 times on Americans in 2020. Only eight of those searches were warranted. Christopher Wray got it down to 204K the next year and thinks that is success.

Amazing how this gets into the news on a Sunday evening.

I predict no one will pay a price, and nothing will happen.


A Fox News reporter told Brett Baer today, “this story is quite something. This court document released just a few hours ago found that the FBI misused a popular digital surveillance tool on everyday Americans more than 278,000 times in 2020 going into 2021.

“We’re specifically talking about Section 702 of the foreign intelligence surveillance act, also known as FISA. It gives the FBI and other agencies the ability to digitally surveil without a court order or a warrant.

“We now know the FBI used the tool on people connected to the civil unrest following the death of George Floyd on the streets of the United States, those involved in the January 6th capital attack, even political donors, according to the court.

A batch query was run for over 19,000 donors to a congressional campaign. “The analyst who ran the query advised that the campaign was a target of foreign influence, but the national security division determined that only eight identifiers used in the query had sufficient ties to foreign influence activities to comply with the querying standard.

“The judge wrote that the problems were persistent and widespread and quote – it may become necessary to consider other responses such as substantially limiting the number of FBI personnel with access to unminimize section 7O2 information.

Meanwhile, federal intelligence officials are pushing hard and “begging Congress to fully re-up section 702, all the name of safety. It expires December 31st of this year.

“It is 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) which provides fast, reliable, and specific insights that enhance our understanding of the threats posed by our adversaries.

“We’re seeing some bipartisan action on Capitol Hill. Republicans and Democrats not happy. Congressman Jerry Nadler said today the FBI has promised changes before quote without significant changes to the law to prevent this abuse I will oppose the reauthorization of this authority.”

I’m reading it now, shows the FBI conducted approximately 204,000 queries, a 94% drop from 2021 going into 2022, citing that they’ve made some changes in a statement we just got from the FBI. They quote the director Christopher Wray saying this is quote completely unacceptable, but Brett, no doubt this caps off a difficult week for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which began critical criticism from the Durham report on Monday and, of course, those FBI whistle-blowers yesterday now we have this story today about these surveillance programs Brett. Tough week for the FBI.”

Completely unacceptable? Talk about an understatement.

Remember when we found out they were stealing all our metadata and they said it just sits on a shelf, but they don’t look at it.  We don’t doubt they look at that too.


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