Breaking News: DJT Dined With Unacceptable People


I don’t care if Trump dined with Kanye and Nick Fuentes or if he was tricked into it. The country’s being destroyed. Millions of anonymous people are pouring in; our economy is a mess, a war hangs over us as we fight for a corrupt nation’s borders. The World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization are usurping our sovereignty, and on and on.

Nick Fuentes

Yes, I care about Jews. Yes, I hate anti-semitism and all racism, and we should pay attention to that, but this Ye-Fuentes-Trump story has gone on for days. It’s a waste of time.

They Hate You – The Elites, They Hate You

American citizens don’t matter at all! Can you imagine how many hundreds of billions it costs to pay for millions of illegal aliens who will come in to vote for the welfare promoters – Democrats?

We have a double standard with everyone who doesn’t agree with the evil progressives. They’re getting away with whatever they want, while Republicans are called evil over nothing.

I don’t care about Kanye or Nick Fuentes. I don’t know if they’re bigots, and I don’t care. The entire Democrat Party is promoting identity politics — aka, racism.

DJT can eat with whoever he wants as long as Barack Obama can hang with Louis Farrakhan and race-baiting haters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Those cowardly leaders of the GOP, Mitch McConnell, and Kevin McCarthy, are feeding the leftist narrative on Trump and the new line that this is Charleston.

Again, Charleston is a lie. Trump never said the extremists were very nice people. Even CNN admitted it.

We have traffickers pouring drugs into our country to kill our youth, so I don’t care about Nick Fuentes. He should be criticized if he says something anti-Semitic, but I don’t even know if he’s done that. I think we should ignore him if that’s the kind of person he is.

Traffickers are exploiting little kids. That’s what we should care about.

And What’s More

We have an epidemic of excess mortality in the Western World that coincides with vaccination so you can bury your stories about Fuentes, Ye, and DJT.

We have drag queens performing lewd shows for children or reading stories to them. That’s not crazy at all.

We now teach fake history – 1619 – and anti-white, anti-American culture – CRT – to little children. We also teach them they can switch genders and mutilate their bodies. That’s what we should care about.

Ye, Fuentes, and a dinner with Trump are ridiculous distractions. Someone, please tell our Republican leaders what is important.

Our media is corrupt. We should care about that.

Do whatever you want. Care about whatever you want, but we’re being manipulated.

Most people want to love everyone and want peace. We’re being snookered. A word of advice. Stay positive, live and let live, don’t hate, and pay attention to what matters.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

Have you personally ever been the victim of a slander campaign? Have you personally ever had vicious people organised against you in a slander campaign? Have you ever personally had your livelihood threatened by the Big Smear?
I doubt it! It just does not happen to real people does it?
In 1971 I was 27, happily married for two years with a young son and my wife newly pregnant. I took a moral stand that displeased some powerful people. Within months I was removed from my job effectively for immorality. WE were told to vacate our home!!! (Only a state law that a pregnant mother could not be forced from her rental home, gave us the needed time to organise a new home.
My supposed crime??? Adultery!!! My wife and I were finally married for 51 faithful years and she is the only woman I have known in the Biblical sense in my 78 years. Since that first vicious slander attack I have had to endure the same experience three more times: early 1980’s; 1997 and 2018. Every attack was a deliberate attempt to remove me from faithful pastoral ministry.
Until people one has trusted, seek to destroy a person for their the benefit of their own power or to hide their own great evil (a pedophile; a senseless power play; and adultery with wife abuse thrown in [2 times]) it just seems unbelievable!!! (Only the grace of God and the supportive wife He gave me, kept me going.)
I know Trump is not a perfect man, but he served very well as president and obviously love our country. His record is one of being supportive of Jews and other minorities as well as of women in business. He deserves praise and not slanderous attacks.
I am upset that in a free country, good people are the target of such evil people.

1 year ago

Oh man, I can relate. I didn’t know how corrupt and evil people were in the church until I served on the board. Evil always opposes good.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

WOW! Me thinks someone is upset!!! This is not a new article! This is not a report!
This is a hard headed editorial!!! Should we all be as upset???