Must Be a Record! LA Paid Out $1.3 Billion in Welfare Over Two Years to Illegal Aliens


Los Angeles County paid out $1.3 billion in welfare payments and food stamps in 2015 and 2016 to illegal aliens. It is one-quarter of the money given out to the needy in the county. This is according to data from the county Department of Public Social Services.

LA is a sanctuary county and the officials allow illegals with anchor children to seek welfare and food stamps.

Robert Rector, a Heritage Foundation senior fellow who has written extensive studies on poverty and illegal immigration, said the costs represent “the tip of the iceberg,” Fox News reported.

He said the costs of education, police and fire, medical, and subsidized housing can total $24,000 per year in government spending per family, much more than would be paid in taxes.

“They get $3 in benefits for every $1 they spend,” Rector said.

LA is slated to spend $200 million less this year than last, probably because Trump’s immigration policies discourage illegal immigration.


The welfare benefit data from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services shows:

  • More than 58,000 families received a total of $602 million in benefits in 2015.
  • More than 64,000 families received a total of $675 million in 2016.
  • During the first five months of 2017, more than 60,000 families received a total of $181 million.
  • Welfare and food stamp costs for the county’s entire population were $3.1 billion in 2015, $2.9 billion in 2016 and $1.5 billion so far in 2017.

Roughly a quarter of California’s 4 million illegal immigrants reside in Los Angeles County.


To give you an idea of what goes on in LA county, the state Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon (D-Los Angeles) admits that “half of his family” is residing in the United States illegally and are in possession of falsified Social Security Cards and green cards.

De Leon wrote bill SB54 to make it difficult to arrest criminal aliens and he’s frequently involved in cases demanding the release of criminal and non-criminal aliens.

De Leon starts the video below claiming all the illegals are hard-working and pay their taxes. Apparently, they are also big recipients of welfare too.

“…I can tell you half of my family would be eligible for deportation under [President Donald Trump’s] executive order, because if they got a false Social Security card, if they got a false identification, if they got a false driver’s license prior to us passing AB60, if they got a false green card, and anyone who has family members, you know, who are undocumented knows that almost entirely everybody has secured some sort of false identification. That’s what you need to survive, to work. They are eligible for massive deportation.”

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