Breaking…Trump Said There Was No Iran Attack Plan – They were News Clippings


Bret Baier interviewed Donald Trump. He knew he was on enemy territory, but still did the interview. He has courage.

Donald Trump told Bret Baier that the documents he was waving around on the tape at Bedminster were newspaper and magazine clippings. Jack Smith did not produce any ‘Iran Attack Plan’ in his investigation, he said.

Mr. Trump also said that he did not want to keep classified documents and was in the process of discussing their return. He described the boxing of material as being hurried and disorganized.

Trump is concerned that “they may be stuffing it.”

More than once, he said there was no Iranian attack plan document.

Hopefully, he didn’t make any mistakes when he spoke because Smith is undoubtedly listening and ready to use any slip of the tongue against him.

Baier confronted Trump on his insistence that he won in 2020. Trump said “I would like to be less combative” but that it is not possible in this environment.

Not a Fan

Donald said he wasn’t a fan of Fox on their own network. He unceremoniously called out Fox for firing Tucker. He mentioned their ratings collapse. That has to be a sore point.

Baier: “More independent voters watch Fox News than any other TV source.”

Trump: “A lot less than they used to watch it.”

Baier: “They do watch.”

Trump: “Well, a lot less, Brett.”

Baier said they watch them more than any other cable news, but that’s not saying much. They lost about a third of their viewers since April, when they fired Tucker.

Baier Defends Biden

Baier tried to defend Joe Biden when Donald Trump explained that he had the right to the documents and declassified them. On the other hand, Joe Biden, a senator and vice president, and Mike Pence, as vice president, had no right to classified documents.

Baier’s response was to suggest Biden didn’t have super sensitive documents, and he turned them over right away, which wasn’t true. Trump corrected him. Baier said the DOJ is looking at Joe Biden. Baier has to know that isn’t true.

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