Breaking…WaPo settled defamation suit by boy they slandered


Nicholas Sandmann tweeted that The Washington Post settled his lawsuit today. Nicholas is the young man vilified by WaPo at age 16. He was innocent of any wrongdoing at the time.

Nicholas Sandmann, one of the students from Covington High School, was smeared by the media in January 2019. He was innocently standing at the Lincoln Memorial with his student group while wearing a MAGA hat. Seeing him win his defamation suit against the Washington Post today is wonderful news.

The Covington kids were called names and social media erupted with comments as to Sandmann’s “punchable face.” Criticism erupted over Sandmann’s political expression, and the Washington Post assumed that the boys were racist and derogatory to the man Sandmann can be seen here talking to — a Native American man. They didn’t bother to research and only went by a truncated video clip and a lie told by the man since that fit their narrative.

It’s a great win for his 18th birthday. Happy Birthday, Nick!

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