Chicago police release fascinating video of well-executed ambush at Columbus statue


A fascinating video of the devolvement of the riot in Chicago last week. It was released by the Chief of Police of the Chicago Police Department. Police are sitting ducks and this riot was a planned ambush of the police.

It was extremely well-planned and executed to precision. The Chief says it started out peacefully which is accurate. However, it does appear there never was any intention to remain peaceful. It devolved in an organized fashion.

One has to wonder who is behind the core group of “peaceful protesters” with the upcoming elections? There appears to be out of state influence.

This was planned long in advance of the attack on the CPD.

Umbrellas, changing clothes, sharpened PVC pipes, frozen water bottles…..coming soon to your hood.

The video is long but at least watch the first six minutes.

Please note how violent the ‘protesters are. Police have had eye sockets destroyed, concussions, broken knees, and on and on.

Chicago likes to make it about guns and there were no guns involved.


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