Brianna Kupfer’s Killer’s on the Run as Her Father Talks About His Dead Child – Update


Update: The alleged vicious killer was caught in Pasadena this afternoon.

Young Brianna Kupfer was slaughtered by a career criminal while she worked alone in an upscale furniture store in crime-ridden Los Angeles.  She wasn’t supposed to work that day.

The devastated father of the slain UCLA graduate student says destructive policies are responsible for the rampant crime in the United States, including the tragic murder of his 24-year-old daughter.

She was stabbed to death on Jan. 13 in Democrat Los Angeles, which has seen an uptick in some horrific crimes. The Soros DA of LA, George Gascon is a complete disaster. He’s pro-criminal. The word is out.

The Los Angeles Police Department has identified the suspect as 31-year-old Shawn Laval Smith, who it said: “should be considered armed and dangerous.”

The LAPD has a manhunt underway for Smith. He remains at large.

At the time of the murder, he was out on a $1,000 bond for a misdemeanor in LA. He was also on a $50,000 bond in Charleston for a shooting charge.

According to the Daily Mail, Smith is a “career criminal with a long rap sheet” spanning three states: South Carolina, North Carolina, and California. It reported his charges have included assault with a deadly weapon, carrying a concealed weapon, assault on a police officer, and possession of a stolen vehicle.

He was probably on the loose because of dangerous Democrat policies that favor criminals with little regard for victims.

The victim’s grieving dad, Todd Kupfer, told Fox News on Tuesday that reckless politicians enable horrifying crimes by prioritizing the needs of criminals over law-abiding citizens.

“Crime is truly spiking, and we have a lot of criminals on the streets that shouldn’t be out,” Kupfer said tearfully.

“We have a lot of politicians that somehow forgot about people and think the key to getting elected is to support the lowest rung of our society and to give them rights and somehow that’s the answer to getting votes,” he continued.

Shortly before her murder, Brianna texted a friend to say there was a person in the store giving her a bad vibe.


Immediately after he murdered the graduate student, he appeared calm, cool and collected after leaving the store, and a half-hour later when he was buying a vape pen. His behavior is sociopathic.

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