Ex-Dem: Dems are “Anti-American”, People Are Leaving in Droves


A Republican running for governor of Nevada switched from the Democrat Party because he says it no longer represents America’s core values.

North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee became a Republican last year, he said during an appearance on “Fox & Friends.”  He noted that people are leaving the Democratic Party in droves, according to Fox News.

“In fact, Democrats are now leaving that party in droves because of the socialistic agenda that has taken place in the Democratic Party,” he said. “They’re totally anti-American.”

Candidate Lee said the Democratic Party had “nowhere for people who thought and felt like I did about the virtues and values and morals of being a good American. It was time to leave. They have destroyed the Democratic Party now.”

Lee said his state’s Democrats are pushing “the wickedness of socialism.”

They are leading people away from the freedoms and the values and the opportunities that America offers our people, especially our young people.”

He said that due to the socialism pushed by Democrats. younger Americans “are going to be destroyed … and not be able to do anything.”

[Democrat leadership, behind-the-scenes oligarchs, and malevolent forces like The Squad destroyed the Democrat Party.]

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