DA Gascon is the one who convinced Soros to buy district attorneys races



George Gascon is a Soros-backed DA in Los Angeles. Stunningly, it is Gascon who told Soros to back district attorneys races, reports Redstate.

What most people don’t know is that Gascon is the one who urged Soros to put up the first $50 million to buy DA races. It went through the communistic ACLU, which funded shadow groups to move the money through.

Gascon described it during a January 2020 appearance at USC School of Law.

He’s out of his mind.


Gascon, a communista, as is George Soros, is attempting to let a cop killer go free in record time. The killer, Rhett Nelson, also shot a skateboarder only an hour before for no apparent reason.  It isn’t the only case he’s ruining with his progressive policies.

Four years ago, on a Friday night, Fernando Rojo Jr., 26, was sharing a few beers with five of his friends when two 18th Street gang members drove up. One was Rudy Dominguez, 24, the driver, and the other was his passenger nicknamed ‘Psycho,’ reports the LA Times.

Out of the clear blue, Psycho asked the startled men, “Where you from?” After asking the second time, Psycho opened fire, killing Rojo and wounding a friend. The other four men escaped injury by running and hiding behind a car.

Dominguez faced life in prison without parole.


At a December 15th hearing, Dominguez’s lawyer, Deputy Public Defender Traci Blackburn, mentioned “an offer that was conveyed to me” — a deal that would send Dominguez to prison for seven years.

Judge Mark S. Arnold was stunned and asked who made the offer. Blackburn said it was from Mario Trujillo. Trujillo was the newly-appointed executive staff member of Los Angeles DA George Gascon.

He had made the offer to Dominguez’s previous Attorney, Tiffiny Blacknell, a deputy public defender and a member of Gascón’s public policy committee during his campaign.

Blacknell relayed Trujillo’s offer to her.

The deal was made unofficially and was no longer on the table. The judge was relieved. It was a ridiculous offer for murder and the attempted murder of five others, all innocent victims and non-gang members.

It was offered by a top official of Gascon’s staff. Gascon was obviously willing to bypass line prosecutors to intervene in individual cases represented by one of Gascon’s allies.

Additionally, Gascon just told his staff that he would forgo sentencing enhancements and gang allegations. It drew support from fellow communists.

In 2019, Dominguez’s probation officer said he deserved “nothing less than a long-term state prison commitment.” The probation officer described Dominguez as “a serious threat to innocent citizens” who has shown “absolutely no regard for human life,” the report says.

Blackburn argued in court that he had no prior criminal history and was just 19 years old at the time of Rojo’s death.

Dominguez had been in the gang since high school.

Watch for more on Gascon:

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BMT 216A
BMT 216A
3 years ago

In a couple of more days all traitors will be revealed by Trump the Revelator.
Get your bast coffee ready and the Skinny Pop is on sale!
Better get to scurrying commie cockroaches.
Your plans to take all of humanity to hell along with the CCP won’t be happening.

3 years ago

I’d bet my last dollar that if a Republican were to murder Dominguez, Gascon would seek the death penalty.

Gascon and other worthless communist Aholes are one reason that people are leaving California.