BRICS’ Monumental Threat to the US Dollar Under BBB Policies


Build Back Better (BBB) policies are destroying the US economy. Twenty-five nations, including MEXICO, have asked to join BRICS. It is a direct result of the US and EU weaponizing SWIFT, as well as the outrageous US spending and resultant interest on a growing debt of $34 trillion, with $1 trillion in interest due every 100 days. Democrats and their RINO enablers won’t stop spending.

The US and the EU could be destroying its own economy.

BRICS is preparing to release its own gold-backed currency to rival and potentially collapse the US dollar. De-dollarization is real and happening quickly.


This is one version of what is happening.

According to John Rubino, Asia appears to want the physical stuff, not paper, that Keynesian propagandists have taught us to be satisfied with. BRICS is moving seriously toward a multipolar GOLD-backed trading system; they want the real thing, not paper. History shows GOLD follows wealth.

We have layoffs, extraordinary debt, manufacturing is shrinking, California is running a massive deficit and will have to cut back, and the federal government will leave interest rates where they are or will go up. Rubino thinks this is evidence of an upcoming recession.


Americans aren’t allowed to listen to Putin, but our media is hiding facts. Therefore, we need to broaden our reading material.

In his recent State speech, Putin noted that BRICS will account for nearly 37% of the world’s GDP, and the West will only account for 27% by 2028.

Putin claims the Russian economy grew more than the average global economy. As far as Europe is concerned, Russia has grown faster. [So much for sanctions?] Russia is the largest economy in Europe and fifth in the world regarding purchasing power. Putin claims it’s more technological and, therefore, more sustainable.

The West is committing suicide and destroying its currency.

Do you think this is true?


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