Block Lifted on Texas’s SB4 to Arrest, Prosecute, Remove Migrants – Update


UPDATE: On Monday evening, the Supreme Court blocked implementation of the Texas law until March 13th when they will decide how to handle this law. This was done at the request of the Biden administration.

Original Story

A US appeals court temporarily overruled a judge’s ruling that blocked Texas law SB4. SB4 gives Texas officials powers to arrest, prosecute, and remove people who illegally crossed the US – Mexico border.

The order on Saturday came from the New Orleans based fifth US Circuit Court of appeals. As a result of this ruling, SB4 can take effect as socialist democrat president Biden pursues claims that it interferes with the federal government’s enforcement of immigration laws.

The court delayed the ruling for seven days so the federal government can appeal.

El Paso, TX USA December 16, 2022 Local shelters in El Paso, TX are at capacity, forcing migrants to sleep on the streets.

Still pending is Texas’s appeal of last week’s decision by US District Judge David Ezra in Austin. Ezra said that the Biden administration and its legal challenge will likely prevail. They cited a 2012 Supreme Court ruling that struck down key provisions of a similar Arizona immigration law. He also said it allows the state to pass its own immigration laws.

These cases are brought by far-left open borders groups led by the far-left ACLU. They claim it will lead to racial profiling.

The law would make it a state crime to enter or reenter Texas from a foreign country illegally. They would be able to deport and give prison sentences of up to 20 years if they refuse to comply.

The law remains blocked only until March 9 unless the Supreme Court keeps it on hold. It was originally set to go into effect on March 5.

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