Brilliant! Levin & Hanson explain Trump’s case & the future of America


Mark Levin, a constitutional scholar, clearly explains the issues President Trump is contesting in civil court. The issues concern strong constitutional issues.

Democrats brought hundreds of cases immediately before the election to weaken the voting process. Judges allowed Democrats in various swing states to change election law. They sanctioned violated our constitution.

In the first segment of this show, Levin gives a quick lesson in the Constitution. In the next segment, Victor Davis Hanson explains that if we lose those two seats in Georgia, Democrats plan to eradicate the Electoral College with the National Popular Vote. Also, if they take the Senate, they can eliminate the filibuster and do anything they want. They are talking about doing a lot more than nationalizing healthcare.

In the next segment, Hanson describes where Democrats will take us, and how we got here. It’s terrifying. Americans want communism.

In the last segment, they discuss President Trump’s many successes. They make note of the fact that Biden’s COVID strategy is President Trump’s except for the nationalization of mask wearing.


If the video is taken down, we have the first and second segments:

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