Brilliant Summation of Dem’s J6 Remembrance


Yesterday was such a transparently ridiculous day. It’s not worth spending time on except to say it’s the destroy Trump once and for all day. The elites in the Uniparty are trying to bring us, peasants, around with hyperbole. Pelosi even ended the drama in song. We live in a movie where nothing is real.

Pelosi still won’t release her correspondence from that day and SHE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR SECURITY at the Capitol.

In any case, the best summation I saw was by Rob Schmitt. It’s brilliant.


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4 months ago

If a Congressman can be so easily scared by a mob as may Democrats were on J6, then they are not fearless, courageous, and heroic enough to be a Congressman. How can someone so easily intimidated be strong enough to do what is morally and ethically right?

4 months ago

Biden is correct in saying that those who initially incited the protestors to break into and storm the Capitol building are despicable enemies of America. What he failed to mention is that these people were agents of the FBI.

Even the writers for AP harped on the use of “insurrection” in their anniversary article. “Jan 6 Insurrection” is now a Democrat Party talking point. Parrots are squawking it at every opportunity that arises. It will definitely be resurrected as a centerpiece each January from now until the demise of the Democrat Party.

Liberal idiots do not fathom the definition of the word. The post-George Floyd perpetual BLM/Antifa rioting, looting, destruction of government property, and the setting afire of buildings with police officers inside comes much closer to fitting the definition of insurrection than anything that happened at the Capitol on Jan 6, 2021.

Yet Kamala Harris and other dimwitted liberals urged that donations be collected to bail the goons out of jail and pay their legal bills.

If anyone entity is guilty of insurrection, it is the DEMOCRAT PARTY!!!!

All Revolutions are Hijacked
All Revolutions are Hijacked
4 months ago

I fart all over muh democracy which is just mob rule in a nice suit and not even that as a tiny “elite” views the mass of people as their science experiment.