British General Might Take the “Man” Out of the Army


UK General Sir Patrick Sanders says he wants to ensure everyone in the Army can be themselves. To do that, he wants to erase the word, “man.”

The head of the Army is mulling scrapping traditional military ranks such as Rifleman and Guardsman because they are masculine. General Sir Patrick Sanders, in a plan to make regiments more inclusive, is set to move away from centuries of history by ditching the titles.

The Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Patrick Sanders arriving at the Military Music Spectacular at Horseguards Parade.

It seems he came up with this after some female soldiers told the General that the masculine titles are exclusionary.

However, some women, serving in previously male-only regiments, are opposed to the plan.

One female corporal in the Rifles blasted the 57-year-old General during a gathering of women soldiers: “Don’t you dare take my rank of Rifleman, I’m proud of it.”

They might even take away historic titles such as “midshipman” and “seaman”.

The Royal Air Force has already abandoned its gendered ranks. Last year the RAF replaced aircraftsman with air specialist.

When asked whether gendered ranks may contribute to exclusion and make attracting female soldiers more difficult, he responded: “We are having precisely these conversations.

He listened to both sides. If he had any guts, he’d tell them to concentrate on their skills, instead of worrying about trivia.

General Sanders seems to think that some female soldiers who are opposed to the rank change only out of fear of the reprisals for wanting gender neutral ranks.

He said: “Are they just saying that because they don’t want to rock the boat? They don’t want to be seen to be the ones to unpick it? It is something we need to think really, really carefully [about].

Please, the entire discussion is a complete waste of time. It’s pathetic. The military is primarily a man’s military. They’re generally bigger and stronger. They should be more concerned about attracting men. A little reality and common sense would serve them well.

I’m not picking on the Brits. We’re doing the same stupid things here. In fact, I bet we’re worse under the fools we have in the White House and executive agencies. Wokes cater to everyone who has the most minor complaint, except for the majority.

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