Geopolitical Expert Peter Zeihan on China’s Invasion & Collapse


Geopolitical analyst and author Peter Zeihan has a different perspective on China and of the possibility of them militarily taking over Taiwan and having to deal with sanctions and boycotts from the West. He believes China has too many guns aimed at them agriculturally, financially, and politically to invade or take on the US.

China’s extremely large military.

Zeihan explains that China is looking at a potential manufacturing and food collapse. At the same time, they could have a political collapse. Their farming, which was never exceptional, is in worse shape now. Companies that have located to China are pulling out, having seen the writing on the wall with China having become a dictatorship.

The last one to start to leave is Apple. Now that China is banning the act of owning data by private corporations, Apple is starting to realize they can’t have 91% of their operation in China, Zeihan says.

Apple in China might be a temporary thing.

The President of China, Xi Jinping, was thought to be a middle-of-the-road leader among the different factions in China, Zeihan states. Instead, he attacked his enemies, which was everyone, and basically took anyone in the country with independent thought and exiled them, imprisoned them, intimidated them into silence, or just shot them. There’s no one left to rule except him. Xi Jinping rules alone.

No one will bring Xi information because they could get shot for it. So we see increasingly stupid decisions.  No one will challenge Xi. Across the government space, the Chinese are making very bad decisions, that includes decisions in agriculture, manufacturing, and finance.

According to Zeihan, when Xi talks about forcibly taking over Taiwan, he gets popular support. Whenever the Chinese aren’t One China, it’s been a problem for them. However, Russia’s example will discourage them. Sanctions would hurt them badly, and probably destroy them economically. If they thought it was going to be easy, Russia’s invasion proved otherwise.

What really terrifies the Chinese are boycotts. They would really hurt. The Chinese wouldn’t want to lose the technology they like to steal. They also don’t control the high seas and would lose all their manufacturing exports. Under these conditions, even if they took over Taiwan without firing a shot, they would be de-industrialized and would face famine. Even the winning scenarios are awful.

That doesn’t mean that Xi, as a one-man show, wouldn’t do it, but it would be a very stupid thing to do, in Zeihan’s opinion. He noted that the spy balloon was particularly stupid.

Chinese spy balloon shot down off the coast of Virginia.

China also faces a population collapse. They have a .7 growth rate, and don’t have the youth to replace older workers.

China saw Western companies that invested $20 million into Russia just leave. They couldn’t afford that.

Zeihan makes a lot of sense. Col. MacGregor has also often said it’s ridiculous for people to think China wants to militarily take over the world. They are very content buying it up.

I have no idea if he’s right, but it’s a different take. While he’s right that China might not be ready now, they could be soon. Let it serve as a warning. Right now, young Chinese men are streaming in through our open borders. Who are they, and why are they here?

As for sanctions, they seem to hurt us much more than they hurt Russia. We have guns pointing at us too, such as BRICS, our economy, open borders, rapidly declining influence in the world, and the general incompetence of the hardcore leftists in the White House.


via Peter Zeihan

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