New UK Chief Warns Ground War Is Coming


If you believe the UK, war is coming. British forces must prepare “to fight in Europe once again,” the Chief of General Staff, General Patrick Sanders, said. This is according to a Sunday report from Sky News.

General Sir Patrick Sanders, who started in the top position on Monday, addressed troops and civil servants for the first time in an internal message on Thursday, Yahoo reports.

Sanders claimed that “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine” underlined the UK troops’ “core purpose to protect the UK by being ready to fight and win wars on land.”

“There is now a burning imperative to forge an Army capable of fighting alongside our allies and defeating Russia in battle,” he wrote.

He stressed that this is a “new era of insecurity.” He also claimed to be the first chief of the General Staff since 1941 “to take command of the Army in the shadow of a land war in Europe involving a continental power.”

“We are the generation that must prepare the Army to fight in Europe once again,” Sanders claimed.

A “military analyst” today on SkyNews described the situation. He also said, “Peter the Great was one of the architects of the former Soviet Union”. Who knew.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson also decided the war will go on.

Writing in The Times on Saturday the day after his return from Kiev, Johnson claimed: “I am afraid that we need to steel ourselves for a long war, as [Russian President Vladimir Putin] Putin resorts to a campaign of attrition, trying to grind down Ukraine by sheer brutality.”

In Johnson’s opinion, the main goal of Kiev’s Western supporters is “to enlist time on Ukraine’s side.”

This means – more weapons, training, exports, and getting grain out of Ukraine.

“We know Putin would not stop at dismembering Ukraine. Only last week, he compared himself to Peter the Great and arrogated to Russia an eternal right to ‘take back’ any territory ever inhabited by ‘Slavs’, a doctrine that would permit the conquest of vast expanses of Europe, including Nato allies,” Johnson warned.

Russian officials say they have no intention of attacking other countries.

Britain has pledged $1.6 billion in economic and humanitarian support to Ukraine. This is why the US, currently in dire financial straits, has spent $58 billion.

NATO is the US. We are expected to support the war financially, risk World War III, and keep sending money.

NATO Chief Warns of a Long War

Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the costs of war were high, but the price of letting Moscow achieve its military goals was even greater.

Easy for him to say.

What Russia Says They Want

The Kremlin has demanded that Ukraine officially declare itself a neutral country. The original agreement in the 1980s was for Ukraine to remain neutral. He also demands that they never join the US-led NATO military bloc. Russia said NATO troops were massing on their border in Ukraine.

Kiev insists the Russian offensive was unprovoked and has denied claims it was planning to retake two republics by force.


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Sanders indicates Western aggression. He pushes war like Fauci pushes jabs.

1 year ago

If Europe wants to go to war, we should stay on the Side Lines.