Brits Fled Russia Collusion Case as Robert Mueller Was Appointed


John Solomon shared dialogue between a British Intelligence official in London and the FBI’s legal attache (ALAT) from The Durham report. It shows that the Brits knew early on that the Russia collusion probe was a fraud. The Brits dropped out by the time Robert Mueller was appointed.

The British official was stunned by the “flimsiness of the evidence” in the Trump investigation, especially as it concerned “former Trump campaign aides George Papadopoulos and Carter Page.”

“Dude, are we telling them [British Intelligence Service-1]  everything we know, or is there more to this?” he asked “Supervisory Special Agent-1.” “That’s all we have… not holding anything back,” was the reply, prompting ALAT to retort “Damn that’s thin.”

The ALAT went back to the main FBI official to relay the comments. In 2016 and 2017, the Brits became more concerned.

By the time Robert Mueller came on the scene, the Brits fled the probe. Too bad they didn’t do the honorable thing and warn Donald Trump.

“At a later point in time, after the Mueller Special Counsel team was in place, UK ALAT-1 said that ‘the Brits finally had enough,’ and in response to a request for some assistance ‘[a British Intelligence Service-I person] basically said there was no [expletive] way in hell they were going to do it.'”

Former FBI agent Kevin Brock told Just the News that a handful of executives at the top are responsible.

“The FBI essentially was hijacked by a handful of senior executives who had an agenda, who did not like Donald Trump, and who used the awesome powers of the FBI to launch an investigation against all policy, against all legal guidelines and restrictions that would prevent the misuse of the FBI,” Brock said.

Kash Patel said we’ve been very hurt on the world stage.

As Devin Nunes told Maria Bartiromo today, everyone knew, including Barack Obama. He knew in August 2016.


NBC host Chuck Todd made surprising comments on his show today. He called out the FBI for losing the trust of the American people while reacting to the Durham report.

“It feels like we’re in the moment that we need a real Church Committee… like when the J. Edgar Hoover FBI clearly was no longer helping the American people, there was a moment. This feels like we might be in one of those moments.”

No doubt about that.

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