Brit’s NHS puts out a terrifying Santa ad because they’re crazy


The NHS in Britain put out a terrifying Santa ad because some nutjob thought it was a good idea. The elitists want to continue frightening you and they decided using Santa to do it was a great idea!

The United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) Charities Together put an ad on air that terrified children. It showed St. Nick wheeled into the hospital, apparently dying from COVID19.

The UK Daily Mail reported that it was the stuff of nightmares for children as Father Christmas is rushed into hospital and nursed back to health in an emotional new appeal advert from NHS Charities Together.

The emotional film, entitled The Gift, which celebrates NHS staff and volunteers, features a dramatic opening, with a very ill Santa wheeled into a medical ward by paramedics and given oxygen, the Daily Mail reported.

It’s so dramatic as he’s wheeled in to the hospital. It appears to be touch and go, with machines beeping and staff in full PPE as they do their best to resuscitate the elderly gentleman. The nurses try to care for him.

They decided to terrify children that Santa wouldn’t come with the gifts they waited all year to receive.

The NHS Charities Together removed the video from YouTube over the weekend. They were really sorry, but they worked hard to be responsible.

What jerks, really.


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