Brother-in-law of Hillary’s fixer showed dossier to Fiona before publication


Hill testified Thursday that she was shown a copy of the Steele dossier the day before it was published in BuzzFeed. A Brookings Institute colleague had a copy.

That person was Strobe Talbott, the former president of the Brookings Institution, and he shared it with her on Jan. 9, 2017.

She left that position, took leave from Brookings, to join the Trump Administration. She never told him what she knew of the dossier.

More importantly, Talbott is a longtime associate of the Clintons and served in Bill Clinton’s administration. His brother-in-law is Cody Shearer, Hillary’s free-lance political fixer. Shearer was researching the dossier and authored his own which mirrors the Steele dossier.

Another Hillary connection to this dossier disaster. Why in the world was this dossier being passed around? Or is the woman who doesn’t even know what the Yanukovitch story was all about is actually very connected? She never heard for sure that the DNC paid for the dossier?

Even Trump hater Preet Bharara knows how serious it is.

But there’s nothing to see her. Never mind that Hillary’s into everything.

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