Brother of Laken Riley’s Killer Is Tied to a Violent Venezuelan Gang


The Venezuelan national whose brother allegedly killed UGA student Laken Riley is himself tied to a violent Venezuelan gang. This man, Diego Jose Ibarra, is tied to one of the worst Venezuelan gangs, Tren de Aragua.

He also tried to bite a border official when he entered the country and was still allowed into this country. He then got a job at UGA with a fake green card.

The gang, also known as TdA, is infamous for violent turf wars and has expanded throughout Central and South America. They ruined Ecuador, and are establishing themselves in the US.

He has been on social media with gang colors and flashing gang signs.

The gang isn’t just a gang. It’s linked to organized transnational crime.

Members of this gang were involved in the high-profile assault on NYPD officers and were released without bail. According to a court filing by federal prosecutors, the gang is established in New York, Florida, Texas, Illinois and Georgia.

Since his arrival in the US, he racked up DUI charges, stole his girlfriend’s phone, and shoplifted. He also committed fraud by using a stolen green card.

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