Gangs Are Taking Control of Haiti And Our Borders Are Open


We have allowed untold numbers of Haitians to enter the country illegally without vetting. You should know that there is a gang war going on in Haiti. The chance of Haitian gangs coming across our borders is high.

They are ruthless, preying on the people, kidnapping and recruiting children as young as eleven into the gangs. One such child said he was forced to burn the bodies of people they killed.

One woman’s husband was burned to death in their home. She was raped, and marks were left on her  – she was branded. The gangs are seizing more and more control of the country, including the roads leading to Port au Prince. They control as much as 80% of the capital – even the US embassy and the international airport.

I don’t need to remind readers that military-age men are pouring in from all over the world, including Haiti.

Todd Bensman of The Center for Immigration Studies believes he has seen warlords coming to the US.

The US knows how bad it is. We brought notorious Kenyan police into Haiti to fight them, but they are vicious themselves.


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