Brownish Antifa Girl Blasts White Antifa Guy for Poor “White Performativeness”


The Antifa, who define themselves as Anarcho-Marxists, are self-appointed ministers of justice. They are allowed, according to them, to beat up Trump supporters, conservatives, libertarians, classical liberals, because they are all white supremacists. They march around in masks looking for Republicans to beat up, under the guise that they are all Nazis. Sometimes they turn on themselves as in the case of one light brownish Antifa girl who blasted a white Antifa male for not being violent enough – poor and typical white “performativeness”.

He exhibited “the height of white performativeness,” said the crazy girl to the equally crazy guy.

“Stop being performative. Just punch a Nazi,” says crazy girl, adding “stop yelling about it.”

He didn’t take too kindly to her criticism and said, “Dude, you have no idea,” he replies. “I put in the work all the time.”

That was not acceptable to her. “Be about this s**t if you’re a white ally.”

Now the ‘brave’ fighter for social justice is really ticked off. “I am!” he says. “I’ve been f***ing fighting for like three months! I’ve put myself at risk for us all the time! F*** off!”

Crazy, violent girl says, “Punch Nazis! … Punch them!” she yells. “Beat their f***ing ass if you’re an ally!”

Crazy Antifa guy boasts of his credentials as a violent madman: “I was here last time! F***ing fought people all day long!”

Some bystander chimes in with more stupidity: “You should write your credentials on a giant board for us.”

Then crazy girl lets loose with her most racist comment: “You’re still white! You’re still responsible!” she yells at her team member. “This is your fault! You’re inherently racist! It’s in your blood! It’s in your DNA! God!”

“Stop being performative. Just punch a Nazi,” she says, adding “stop yelling about it.”

[Only they’re not beating Nazis, they’re beating Trump supporters. They need to go to jail. What could their collective IQs possibly be?]

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