Bruce Springsteen Declares as Spokesperson for the Hard-Left “Resistance”


I just erased every Bruce Springsteen song off my iPod and my iPhone. He’s calling for people worldwide to join the hard-left movement, The Resistance.

The movement began to make its mark in November and includes many in Hollywood from Madonna to Ashley Judd to Michael Moore.

The extremely radical DisruptJ20 group leads the fake “grassroots” movement. The worldwide women’s march on Saturday was coined, “The Festival of Resistance” by the group.

The symbol for DisruptJ20 on Twitter is a closed, clenched fist.

Catchy euphemistic terms like “The Resistance” are popular with Marxists using planned, well-financed protests/riots to grow a larger insurgency. It catches on with the idealistic youth.

Bruce Springsteen became a vocal spokesperson for the movement and made that clear in Australia.

You will hear communist race-baiting rabble rouser VanJones frequently speak of The Resistance.

Michael Moore, a communist, is one of the forces behind it.

The night of the Inauguration, Moore called for an end to the Constitution by elimination of the Electoral College. Make no mistake, these people are serious hard-leftists.

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John W. Graf
John W. Graf
7 years ago

Michael Moore’s mother didn’t want him, the U.S. Army didn’t want him, couldn’t find a pair of pants to fit his fat butt, the Democrats didn’t want him, the Repulicans didn’t want him, his only choice left was the Communist Party!! I don’t even know if they want him because he eats so much!!!