Bubba Wallace insists the pull-down rope is a noose


Bubba Wallace insisted last night on Don Lemon’s show that the pull-down rope is a noose. It looks like a pull-down rope with a loop to make it easier to pull. Fifteen FBI agents interviewed scores of people, looked at the video, and determined it was not a noose.

An employee said it is a pull-down rope.

The FBI said there is no way anyone could have known when it was put up that he would be in Garage 4.

The rope has been there since at least October 2019 and has been used as a “pull” for the garage door.

The NASCAR driver who preachers “unity,” and  “solidarity,” is fanning the flames of divisiveness and hate. He knows it’s not a noose. We all know it’s not a noose and we knew from the first time we saw the photo.

He’s just one more man of privilege, as are most of these young liberals/leftists. His comments don’t make him believable. They make him look like Jussie Smollett. He had all of NASCAR marching behind him over a pull-down rope.

There have been six claims of nooses found in or around black people. All of them were hoaxes. The USA is just not a racist country no matter how hard the race hustlers try to make it so.

Bubba loves the limelight apparently and he knows Don Lemon’s audience will fall for anything he says.

He wanted to make NASCAR look like redneck bigots. He is now ginning it up again.

He’s disgusting and is the opposite of what he claims to be. His leadership in the Marxist Black Lives Matter should have been a dead giveaway. #BubbaSmollett is trending today.

My husband saw nooses at the end of his shoelaces this morning. We better ban them and insist that velcro be used. Also, I an pretty sure I saw nooses forming from the cream in my coffee today. There are nooses everywhere.

It’s a pull-down rope:

Bubba has no credibility after this — none. Watch these two:

Before the interview, he called people who doubted him simpletons. Listen to him promote his leftist cause:


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