Build Back Better’s Designed to Quickly Destroy Our Energy Sector


To follow up on the report about the Biden administration sending one-third of our reserves to China and India instead of keeping them in the US, you should know that this is part of a broader plan to quickly destroy fossil fuels. (Two Videos)

They Plan to Use Their Manufactured Fossil Fuel Crisis to Accelerate Alternative Energy

Granholm claimed on Sunday on State of the Nation that the volatility is partly our reliance on petroleum. Therefore, we must accelerate green energy by having electric cars, windmills, and other useless sources of energy not ready for the market.

“We’ve got to stop relying on one source of energy, especially from volatile sources,” she said.

“So we have a short-term issue and we have a long-term issue. Relying upon volatile sources or relying upon fuel from countries that may not have our best interests at heart hurts the American people in the long and in the short run.

“So it’s why we’re working faster than ever to diversify our energy to add more clean energy. It’s why the president’s vision of building out clean energy sources like solar and wind and hydropower and geothermal and advanced nuclear — that is the answer, that is the best strategy long-term to protect American consumers from these energy price shocks.”

The Administration Shifts the Blame to New Levels of Absurdity

This administration caused the volatility but took blame-shifting to new heights with no resistance from the reporters. The administration is blaming OPEC and US oil companies.

“The truth is that OPEC nations like Saudi Arabia and Russia have refused to loosen oil supplies, which has driven up prices,” according to Granholm.

As it turns out, she has misinformed us. OPEC agreed to raise the group’s production by another 400,000 bopd. She misinformed, claiming OPEC controls 50% of the supply when at most they produce 30% of the supply. They can’t control over 50% with 30%.

“We have the same problem in fuels that the supply chains have, which is that the oil and gas companies are not flipping the switch as quickly as the demand requires,” Granholm said dishonestly.

What an extraordinary statement that is to make when it is their fault. Oil companies can’t flip the switches thanks to them and she knows that.

Granholm and the rest of the Biden administration have INHIBITED the ability of the domestic oil and gas industry to get its business done in this country. From canceling major pipeline projects via executive order to refusing to schedule and hold court-ordered federal lease sales to the implementation of an array of onerous new regulations at the Interior Department and the EPA, and warning investors to not invest in fossil fuels, this administration has been waging war on the U.S. oil industry since literally the day it took office.

They won’t let the fossil fuel companies flip any switches.

Wealth Redistribution While Depriving the Middle Class

Meanwhile, Granholm is pretending she is trying to find out why prices are going up, and wants to shield people from rising prices. The answer is that the administration will redistribute wealth to low-income people to help them heat their homes. So, the middle class will get hit again.

This is a manufactured crisis by Democrats. They are making it appear that fossil fuels are volatile so we must sacrifice and rush alternative energy which is obviously not market-ready.

Suspending reality, she claims the Build Back Better bill will put people to work on accelerated Green energy. It’s the looney Green New Deal and won’t create anything but some government jobs and more Solyndras.

Granholm sees the recently passed socialist infrastructure bill as a way of accelerating clean energy initiatives like electric cars. We can ignore the laws of physics and economics in her world.

Build Back Better Is a Death Sentence for Natural Gas and All Fossil Fuels

In a report on the “American Jobs Plan” that the Biden/Harris administration rolled out last week, infrastructure project advisory firm ARBO says that “For a campaign whose slogan was Build Back Better, the fact that the title of its supposed major infrastructure plan makes no mention of either building or infrastructure is telling. The plan essentially has morphed into a jobs plan that has limited spending on true infrastructure. The plan also abandons key promises on which President Biden campaigned that would have kept the natural gas industry and pipelines relevant for decades.”

The Campaign Promises Were Lies

For the oil and gas industry, Biden’s campaign focused on research investments and tax incentives for “technology that captures carbon,” but as it turns out, the BBB only includes two very small projects.

“The campaign plan also pushed a heavy focus on hydrogen-fueled vehicle technology, which would present an opportunity to repurpose existing natural gas and oil pipelines to use for transporting hydrogen around the country. But it’s obvious that the electric vehicles lobby won out on that one, as the Biden bill virtually abandons any focus on hydrogen. As noted by ARBO, “hydrogen, which is a key component of the net-zero plans in the rest of the world, is mentioned only twice in these small programs that include carbon capture and storage,” according to Forbes.

Basically, the administration has included some infrastructure spending as a feature of a bill focused on other priorities, mainly because it knows the term “infrastructure” is popular with the public. For the natural gas industry, the message is clear: if this administration has its way, the business will become extinct in very short order.

They will continue to ignore the fact that we reached energy independence under Donald Trump and would not have needed to tap into reserves if they followed his successes.

[Editor’s note: The song is unbearable so just skip to the 1:22 mark and then at 2:08 to see Granholm sing about ending gasoline, gasoline.]

The reporters in this clip either know nothing or are dishonest as they go along with this charade.


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