Build Back Better’s Not Working! PPI Is Hot, Hotter Than Expected


The Build Back Better plan is probably working as Democrats expected. In other words, our economy is failing. The PPI, the Producer Price Index, is a statistical estimate of the level of prices of goods and services bought by domestic producers. It’s hot, hotter than expected.

The PPI showed an increase of 0.3 percent in November’s headline for an advance of 7.4 percent over the previous 12 months, while 7.2 percent PPI inflation had been the consensus estimate.

The index for fresh and dry vegetables spiked 38.1 percent in November, while prices for eggs and meats also increased.

The PPI month-over-month changes and increases are at a 40-year high because core PPI inflation – wholesale prices – are increasing. Check out the chart below. Biden’s policies are not working.

Peter Schiff says that gold’s quick recovery following an initial sell-off in response to a hotter-than-expected PPI shows that traders are waking up to the reality that higher inflation data doesn’t mean the Fed will now fight harder to win the inflation war but that the war has already been lost.

The media will put lipstick on the pig, but we think nothing is working as long as these bad policies continue. Blackrock reports we are facing a serious global recession [they helped cause].

However, Game of Trades says the PPI number not meeting expectations is a distraction. It’s cooling dramatically.

Tommy Piggott says, “With today’s PPI, wholesale inflation has now been above 5% for 20 months. Not only that, the report indicates inflation accelerated last month. Reminder: The same economic team is in place today that made it their policy to deny the facts on inflation.”

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1 year ago

So what is going on? Simple, people are making long term purchases before the Dollar, i.e. Cash turns into Trash. People in my areas are buying 10 y/o cars that don’t need new specialized computer chips. A neighbor bought an old Pickup Truck, rebuilt the engine, and converted it back to carburetion, no more fancy electronics at all. Everywhere I go I now see Antique License Plates on what looks like a Brand new Car or Truck. Farmers in the area seem to be keeping their Diesel Tanks topped of because they are scared of Diesel Shortages. Normally, they would wait until the Spring and planting season.

Then you have more Preppers than I ever saw before. Everyone around me now has a WWII style Victory Garden. I also understand companies like Patriot Supply is selling everything they can produce. That tells me a lot of people are stocking up on survival food. That makes sense; in a collapse food is worth a lot more than Gold. My pantry is filled with can goods.

I’m beginning to think the downturn in PPI indicates that people are running out of savings. That tells me the Recession is well underway and we are heading for Depression next year instead of 2024.