House Dems Won’t Allow an Audit of Blank Checks Sent to Ukraine


House Democrats blocked an audit of US military and economic aid to Ukraine. The blank checks with no accountability will continue.

The bill calls on the Pentagon and State Department to provide Congress with documents on U.S. aid to Ukraine since the Russian invasion in February. It was defeated by a 26-22 House Foreign Affairs Committee vote on Tuesday. The vote blocked the bill from receiving a vote on the House floor.

They might not have a clue as to where the money is or how it was used.

Committee Chairman Gregory W. Meeks, New York Democrat, called the resolution led by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Georgia Republican, an “extremist” ploy. He said it’s meant to “undermine strong bipartisan support for Ukrainian freedom and sovereignty.”

“This measure plays straight, directly, to [Russian President] Vladimir Putin’s hands,” Mr. Meeks said. “This is not the time for us to be divided. We’ve held together with NATO and the [European Union] and our allies. Let’s not fall into this trap.”

Giving away over a hundred billion with some accountability is extreme?

Ms. Greene has been critical of sending U.S. taxpayer dollars to Ukraine. She would like to see the funds used at the border. That is a position held by a small group of Republicans since the start of the war, reports The Washington Times.

Wanting to close our open border is seen as extreme.

Her calls for transparency align with a more broadly held view among Republicans. The U.S. should not continue sending “blank checks” to Ukraine.

“The resolution didn’t say anything about being pro-Ukrainian war or anti-Ukrainian war. None of that language is in there,” Ms. Greene told The Washington Times. “I am simply asking for an audit, which I believe the American people deserve. That’s not even political.

“If the Democrats think it’s extreme for the American people to have transparency about where their hard-earned tax dollars are going in Ukraine, then I think the Democrats need to consider how they’re representing our country,” she said. “I think it’s extreme to tell the American people that they don’t deserve an audit of where their money is going.”

Rep. Michael T. McCaul of Texas, a staunch advocate for continued U.S. support to Ukraine, argued that support does not have to come at the expense of transparency.

In November, Republican Sen. Rand Paul also called out the Biden administration for its continued decision to fund the war effort in Ukraine with U.S. tax dollars. He called for oversight into the $20 billion in aid already sent to the country.

“Didn’t someone try to legislatively mandate a special inspector general to scrutinize Ukrainian spending?” Paul said. “Oh, that’s right, it was my amendment, and most Democrats AND Republicans opposed any semblance of oversight.”

On Twitter, Paul linked to a report on Fox News that detailed how, according to the Washington Post, the Biden administration inspected only around 10% of the 22,000 weapons sent to Ukraine between February and November.

Recently, the president of Nigeria said he was very concerned about the illegal arms pouring into terrorists’ hands, threatening his country.

So, we will keep writing blank checks and sending wapons with no accountability.

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