Bumbling Biden Ditched Plan for 730 Million COVID Testing Kits, Then Promised Half a Billion Despite No Signed Contracts


Bumbling Biden Ditched Plan for 730 Million COVID Testing Kits,
Then Promised Half a Billion Despite No Signed Contracts


Joe Biden’s failure to provide hundreds of millions of home COVID testing kits has become so pronounced, even loyalist Anthony Fauci, perhaps feeling it might be smart to disengage from the bumbling pol, was critical. Said “The Fauch”, “We’ve obviously got to do better.”

What hasn’t been so obvious were the two major stories, highlighting the utter incompetence of this Democrat administration.  Both broke, as Biden’s luck would have it, right around Christmas Day.

The first appeared on December 23rd in the NY Post.  They reported, “Days after President Biden publicly promised to provide 500 million free at-home rapid COVID-19 tests, his administration has still not signed any contracts — leading experts to deride it as nothing but a “hope”.

The New York Times has revealed contracts have yet to be signed and are unlikely to be until next week at the earliest (now this week) — with the eventual rollout of his promise potentially taking months after that.

Even the website to order the tests will not be up until the new year.  Perfect.

Vanity Fair, of all publications, dropped their bombshell the following day.  In October of this year, the White House ditched a proposal that would have added more than 730 million at-home COVID tests to the market per month.

As the article’s author candidly stated, “With omicron cases spreading like wildfire, the White House is finally taking steps to make free antigen tests available to all. But this fall, Vanity Fair has learned, it dismissed a bold plan to ramp up rapid testing ahead of the holidays. Frustrated experts explain how confusion, distrust, and a single-minded fixation on vaccinating Americans left testing on the back burner for so long.”

So what are the consequences of Biden and his clueless crew’s complete lack of foresight and planning?  Hundreds of millions of Americans who were promised free at home COVID testing kits won’t receive them when they were needed the most.

Consider this Biden blunder another lump of coal in the stockings of those who were counting on comfortably celebrating Christmas and New Year with their loved ones.

More and more, Hunter’s Father, aka Brandon, is looking like the captain of the boat that is a ship of fools.

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